Community Outreach

Salem Cass United Methodist Church (UMC) of volunteers participated in our first ‘Backyard Mission Trip’ on April 23, 2016 to support our community to provide a valuable service and to reach the unchurched. For the overall mission trip, there were an estimated 250 projects and over 1,000 volunteers. The Salem Cass UMC team of 21 volunteers had 4 projects scheduled for the day and had additional time available to take on another project prior to the end of the day. A big … more

Backyard Missions II

A team of Salem Cass UMC volunteers consisting almost entirely of the Young Adult Ministry Group to continue efforts to help those within the community. From the ‘Backyard Missions Trip’ that took place in April 2016, there were a number of projects that were never reviewed or scheduled to be completed. One of those projects was located in Rawson, OH for a family in need during a time that the owner is battling with stage 4 cancer. We spent the evening of Friday, June 24th … more